Friday, February 26, 2010

Mumford & Sons at Bowery Ballroom!

Photo by Redboy.

Hello there internet!
I’m Dayton and I just started out as an intern at Glassnote and my first month here certainly has been jam packed, but our first show with a band was last Thursday.

Suffice it to say, I was excited.

Some of the other people from the office and myself arrived early to help out with set up and anything else that might be going on before the show and we ended up seeing the soundcheck for Mumford & Sons. As it drew closer to show time, the excitement started to become more palpable. I’ve seen these guys play a few times, but I’ve never really seen them rock out. They just hadn’t been given a chance to do so until tonight.

The doors open, the people stream in. And then the lights went down.

As openers go, Freelance Whales were pretty good. They warmed up the crowd and prepped them with their vocal harmonies and the instrument switching, but when Mumford came on stage, it was clear to see who the crowd came for. To say the room was packed is a bit of an understatement. I had moved down to near the front of the stage but got stuck about four rows back from the front. Every time I raised my hands to applaud, I came up with an arm full of some womans hair. The lack of personal space was worth it though to get as close as I did.

And Mumford put on a hell of a show, all of them pulling double duty on various instruments and flying through a set which had people singing along to most of their songs despite their record having just come out two days before in America! Although people were claiming that ‘they were all brothers’ and the Australian man kept claiming Mumford as ‘Aussies own’, there was no need to correct them. You never want to spoil an awesome night. A sweaty, awesome night.

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