Friday, March 19, 2010

VA Writing Trip

The Snow Doesn’t Stop The Music!

This past weekend, Ryan Downing (from Jonas Sees In Color) & I trekked over to Washington DC/Northern Virginia for some writing sessions. By some miracle, we both got there with relatively no fuss, despite a huge blizzard brewing in NYC at the time! We don’t let Mother Nature stop us!

As always with these writing trips, it was work work work, nose to the grindstone. BUT that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have fun. Ryan’s co-writer & his manager were super hospitable, welcoming us both into their home studios for these sessions. And their families were at once amazed and curious as to what we were up to. HITS, that’s what!

I can’t play the songs for you just yet, but here’s a sneak lyrical peak at one of the HOTT TRAX that they came up with this weekend:

“She gets why boy bands are always hated
But she swears the Backstreet Boys are underrated
And they are, they so are, I’ll say they are
If that gets me her love”

Curious to hear more? Good! Come back here soon to hear the tracks.

Without wax,


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