Friday, April 23, 2010

Justin Nozuka - April, 2010


Intern Katie Stein here again to tell you about the wonderful Glasssnote week I’ve had. This week Justin Nozuka was in town promoting his new album, You I Wind Land and Sea, that was released on April 13th. I’ve been jamming out to this album for the last few months so I was certainly psyched to hear him perform live! He first got in on Tuesday, which is the day he got to perform on The Late Show with David Letterman. I watched the awesome performance on tv Tuesday night and couldn’t wait for the next day when I got to see him perform a full concert at Hiro Ballroom here in New York.

After our usual meeting on Wednesday the other interns and I got the chance to see Justin perform a few songs at a special performance. He along with his guitarist Mark Pelizzer played Heartless, My Heart is Yours, and After Tonight and it definitely whet my appetite for the full set later in the evening. Besides being a great performer, he was also a great guy to work for due to his pleasant and kind demeanor. Although he’s got lots of fans and girls swooning for him, he stays humble and down to Earth.

When his set started at 9:30 at the Hiro Ballroom (appropriate venue since his very proud father’s name is Hiro), the crowd was buzzing with excitement. The set lasted approximately an hour and fifteen minutes and Justin and his band kept it exciting for the entire time. He is a rare talent that blends many different genres into his music and, after seeing how hard he and the team that supports him work, I truly believe that he deserves all the success in the world!

Be sure to catch him tomorrow on the CBS Early Show from 7AM to 9AM. I know I will!

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