Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 28, 2009

Hello world! My name is Jessica and I’m one of the lovely interns here at Glassnote. I thought it would be cool to give you an inside scoop of what it’s like, for me, being an intern! Let me begin with my most recent project that I’ve been losing sleep over (seriously, I’ve had nightmares about this).

I have recently become an expert at blimps or blimping as I like to call it. The last month or so I have been researching blimps to start a marketing campaign based off of Phoenix’s “Lisztomania” music video. If you have seen this video, you will probably remember this HUGE blimp with their album title on it. I contacted a bunch of companies and learned crazy things about plastics, helium and the mechanics of blimps and how they work. We had it custom made into the bomb shape that appears on the Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix album cover and walked around New York City with it.

If I thought the pre-production of the blimp was hard, you can only imagine how difficult it was to walk around the city with it! I took Audrey and Conner along for the adventure (because it was totally an adventure, not knowing what would happen) and at 11:15am, we were on our way. It wasn’t that nice of weather out, with drizzles and crazy wind all day but we managed! It is really hard to take something that big and delicated and fly it through the streets of Manhattan, seriously. There are so many trees in NYC, I never would have realized if I were in any other situation.

The first stop was going to fill up the blimp with helium which again was another researching project as well. It is a 10ft. blimp and fit with space into a regular sized garbage bag! While putting the helium into it we discovered that we had to attach the wings and had some trouble figuring it out but eventually they were on it (we think the correct way, but hey, it looked great either way!) Then we walked around Union Square, talking to a bunch of people, handing out flyers and stickers. A few tourists took pictures of us, which makes me laugh because they’ll go home, and we’re going to be in their pictures from vacation giving them the thumbs up (well, me at least). We then stopped by RED and CMJ to show off Phil because let’s face it, he’s a ham and wants people to see him. (I named him Phil, he was definitely a character and deserved a name, Phil seemed to fit.) While on our way to Washington Square, we made a few pit stops that involed Phil deciding to do this ridiculous dance in the wind that consisted of beating me up (with his sharp fins… twice!) and cutting my ear. Sadly, that was not caught on tape but it was funny after the pain went away! We stopped by Tompkins Square and played with a few kids but by that point it was starting to rain and the park was empty so we handed out a few more flyers and talked up Phoenix and headed back to Union Square for a final run around with Phil.

We deflated him a little bit and tried to sneak him onto the subway to take him home to the Glassnote office but police officers weren’t having it and made us completely let all of the air out. We had to say bye to Phil but his memories live on through twitter! We were doing live updates all day! ( We also took a bunch of pictures and videos that you can check out on our facebook homepage! There you have it! A day in the life of a Glassnote intern!

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