Monday, February 14, 2011

You Oughta Know Two Door Cinema Club

You Oughta Know: Two Door Cinema Club

Two Door Cinema Club is VH1's newest "You Oughta Know" artist!

"If you’re the kind of pop music fan who finds yourself a bit dismayed when you turn on the radio and rarely hear songs that sounded like they were created using real, live instruments rather than bleeps, blips and bloops from some super producer’s laptop, we’ve got exciting news for you. Say hello to Two Door Cinema Club"

Loving their VH1 blog feature, read the rest here!

"You Oughta Know" highlights talented artists on the rise and have included the likes of Adele, Regina Spektor, Bruno Mars and our own Mumford & Sons. Check out their complete "You Oughta Know" page, including exclusive interviews, here!

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