Friday, April 10, 2009

April 10, 2009

Happy (2nd) Birthday Glassnote !!!

What comes to mind first is our head of new media, Jenna LoMonaco’s cupcakes. The sight, smell and delicious taste of them signals a celebration…. we have had many of these. Firstly we celebrate each others birthdays, and when we are truly lucky, one of our Artists are in town and we surprise them. We celebrate the little victories that make up our foundation in building Glassnote. Once in a while we combine the cupcakes with some Rose’ wine from the South of France. Or for big victories, Champagne.

The cupcakes, whose flavor combinations are infinite (From Guinness with Baileys Frosting, to Dulce de Leche) appear (and are promptly devoured) when we learn of our songs on the radio for the first time. When Secondhand Serenade and Justin Nozuka opened the mtvU Woodie awards two years in a row, Secondhand Serenade performed (twice) on Conan O’Brien, pictured in Rolling Stone, #1 Myspace, Top 10 Single, VH1 top videos of 2008, sold out tours, gold records in 5 countries, Platinum in the US, when we heard they were opening for The Fray in Australia, and Live from Soho Apple store.

Cupcakes for the Team celebrating Justin Nozuka with great pride when VH1 made him a “You Oughta Know” Artist, when Justin played to crowds at SXSW, the Democratic National Convention in Denver, 2,400 fans singing every word with the band at Terminal 5 in NYC, People Magazine, #1 video on VH1.

Pink Champagne cupcakes when Jonas Sees In Color drove to NYC, yes all 6 band members, their Manager Danny Fonorow and Andy White in one Van. We celebrated their signing, but the miracle was that they bravely parked the van, fully loaded on Lexington Ave in the middle of a busy afternoon, and it was not ticketed, towed, or stolen. Yes little miracles (Double cupcakes). And Now Jonas Sees In Color is in the studio with Aaron Johnson, producer of both Platinum albums for The Fray.,

The cupcakes recently got more sophisticated when Phoenix arrived. The band landed from Paris and we celebrated with old school Italian food at Gino Restaurant. Cupcakes were flying when we received news that Phoenix were to perform on SNL! And then we heard “1901” on Sirius XMU, and websites like Pitchfork, Fader, Stereogum, Brooklyn Vegan, Rolling Stone, Spin, New York Magazine and more were excited about the new album. We stayed up and partied with Phoenix until 6am after the triumphant SNL show.

And now Jenna is baking for………………………..

Year 3.

-Daniel Glass

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