Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Pop Tart World!

We know, we know. You’re jealous JUST by the title of this blog. But Pop Tart world is not an urban legend, it does exist, and boy is it amazing. We travelled over to the newly opened Pop Tart World near Times Square to relive some childhood memories and get some Pop Tart Sushi. There was a custom t-shirt booth, a whole Pop Tart Café where different food combinations with Pop Tarts were served, and “The Varitizer” where you could make your own combo pack of different Pop Tarts.

While the sushi was slightly disappointing (apparently ground up pop tarts wrapped in a fruit roll up isn’t a great combination), and ants on a log topped with pop tart is just plain odd, the freshly toasted Pop Tarts were just as perfect as we remembered. Here are some pictures from our adventure:

The Menu!

Mo trying out the 'sushi'

Outside Pop Tart World


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