Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jonas Sees In Color in a horrible van accident

This past weekend Jonas Sees In Color was in a terrible Van accident. Miraculously they all survived the accident but their van was completely totaled. Here’s a letter from Ryan (Lead singer of JSIC) explaining what happened:

It happened out of nowhere. We had just finished a show in Wasau, Wisconsin and were on our way to Chicago, Illinois when we went through a highway overpass and all of the sudden there was a car five feet in front of us. It couldn't have been going more than 15 miles an hour.. I knew that if we hit them- going 65 in our full-size van and trailer- it would probably kill them. I swerved to the left. Reacting late, they pulled left at the same time. I swerved further left- now halfway off the road-until we were in front of them, and I turned the wheel back to the right. The van, bouncing on the rumble strips, skidded through a 180 degree turn before flipping three times off the interstate and down the shoulder. We landed upside down, crushed like a tin can.

I unclasped the seat belt and fell down onto the ceiling. There was broken glass everywhere. I thought there was a good chance that I had just killed my best friends. “Voices,” I screamed, “Please! Let me hear your voices!” There were only five responses. “Meagan! Meagan, are you alive?” There was no response. We looked back. There was no one where she had been sitting. “MEAGAN!” Finally, we heard a whimper from the very back. She had been sleeping on the second to last bench, but had ended up behind the last seat, pressed against the back door. She was alive.

We crawled out through one of the smashed windows and scrambled up the hill to the highway. An ambulance was there instantly. “Are you okay?” “I'm fine.” “Then why are you covered in blood?” I looked down. My shirt was soaked in red and there was glass glittering in my arm. When the van flipped the first time, my left arm had smashed through the driver's side window.

The EMTs cleaned us up in the ambulance and helped us book a hotel room. Instead of sleeping, we raided their coffee supply and started calling rental places about finding a van and trailer. By 9 AM, there was still no luck. Around then, our fans got word about what was going on and the response was explosive. There was such an intense outpouring of love and support; we realized that we really had no choice. We had to finish the tour.

We finally found a place willing to let us rent an enormous U-Haul truck that looked like a mix between a monster truck, a tank, and somebody's garage. We took it. We grabbed everything we could and slammed it into the back. Not everyone could fit in the cabin, so four of us had to sit in the back on top of the gear for the ride to Chicago. Four hours later, we arrived....an hour late for our soundcheck, but there nonetheless. Without sleeping, showering, or even changing clothes, we walked onstage and played the most enthusiastic, heartfelt show of our lives. We were sore and we were bloody...but we were alive. And, most importantly, we made it to the show.

I am writing this in the dark, sitting on some of our gear in the back of the U-Haul on the way to the next show. It's around 115 degrees in here since there is no ventilation, so I am sitting on a cooler of ice in my underwear drinking a cheap beer: a spitting image of class and sophistication. We've been through something that I would never wish on anyone else, but somehow came out on the other end of it alive. I've always heard about moments that define people. This was not one of those moments. This was a moment that was defined by people. My bandmates' courage and the intensity of their dedication to the music and our fans overwhelms me. Now that our fans have seen us at our most raw and vulnerable, and given us more love than we've ever seen, they have now become not just our fans, but our friends.

The band has no health insurance and is now left to pay all of their medical bills. They also need to buy a new van and trailer. A donation fund has been set up to help them cover all of their newly inquired bills as a result of this accident. Please click HERE to donate to the band. Every dollar helps.

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  1. I'm in China, I have a crazy landlord, I'm stuck with a useless debit card and a couple hundred RMB.

    but I had a US twenty that I left in the pocket of my jeans (I love free money).

    Though I wasn't able to help out at Virginia Tech's Soundfest this year, I heard a lot of good things about you guys and I hunted down some music. Not only do I love the sound, but you guys have definately been one of the nicer bands we've had there. (and i've seen and heard some pretty grusome stories) I can send a postcard and a twenty to you from shanghai, but I'd need an address. I promise I won't stalk you, I'm way too lazy to stalk people. Even on facebook.

    If there's somewhere where I can send you some cash, let me know, and I hope you get to buy a spankin' new van!!!!

    -Kristen Mankosa