Wednesday, September 2, 2009

September 2, 2009

Hey everyone! My name is Alex and I have the extreme privilege of being an intern at Glassnote. After lots of hard work this year, we decided to take a break and have our annual “Company Day”. After last years venture to Coney Island, Daniel chose a change of scenery that was a welcome surprise. This year’s trip was to the North Fork of Long Island for wine tasting and excellent food. We left early in the morning by way of our trusted navigator Steve for a day of fun and relaxation. Our first stop of many for food was at the Love Lane Kitchen where we all got an incredible fresh breakfast. The restaurant was a really cozy, down-home eatery that felt like my own kitchen. Afterwards, we picked up fresh fruit and home-cooked donuts at a stand, the kind you can only find in the country, and then headed off to our first winery! We got to sit by the grapevines and taste our own selected wines. Despite some formidable weather forecasts, it turned out to be a beautiful day. Drinking wine in the sun next to some great scenery was extremely relaxing and everyone left with a smile on their faces. Our next destination was a small town right on the water that boasted little shops and restaurants full of character. We walked around for a while before discovering a huge merry-go-round. Naturally, we all had to go on it. I have to admit I was a little hesitant about being spun around in circles after a big breakfast and a few glasses of wine, but it turned out to be very fun. Afterwards, we ate lunch at a restaurant on the pier, offering very fresh seafood. It was really a classic New England lunch with clam chowder and lobster rolls. No summer day is complete without ice cream, however, so we stopped of at the local shop for some cones. It was mid-afternoon as we headed to the second winery and we just made it before closing time. We all enjoyed some more fine wines and took our last glasses out to the back deck where the sun was setting over the field of grapevines. It was an incredible sight that ended an incredible day. We finally headed home but there was an encore; the pie stand. Fresh peach pie was the one last indulgence of the day and what an indulgence it was. We got back to New York completely satisfied from a wonderful day. Oh, it is good to be at Glassnote!

Love Lane for a yummy breakfast

Wickhams Fruit Far for Peaches and Donuts

At the Vineyard for a Wine Tasting

At the pier after lunch

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